As we know, birthday is an important moment in life. Therefore, all people always consider it as a happy day. Well, there can be many parties and events to celebrate it. Besides those events, the gifts and birthday wishes are also given. If you are currently celebrating birthday, surely you get many gifts, wishes, and other things from your beloved ones. In this case, you may need the nice quotes of thank you for birthday wishes, so you can also express gratitude for the wishes and gifts.

It is normal to say your gratitude. However, saying “thank you” is not enough. Since it is the special day and you get special things, you may need something special too to express your feeling. That is why there are many interesting quotes of thank you for birthday wishes. There are a lot of nice quotes you can use. Each of them has deep meaning that can represent your feeling for having them in the special day. Moreover, the quotes can be a solution to deliver your thanks. Some of quotes also have unique and funny meaning. Surely, they are the solution when you want to express happiness for having special people in your birthday.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your birthday greetings. Yes, another long year and another number added to my age, but it is still great to hear from all of you out there. I hope you are all doing well. I will get in touch with each and everyone soon.

I would like to thank everyone who have wished me well this birthday, and I can only hope that this year will treat you well.

I’ve enjoyed reading all of the birthday messages and want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. If you haven’t wished me a happy birthday yet, you still have some time left to do so.

You have always been so selfless towards me. Thank you for the loving and affectionate birthday wishes!

Thank you to all my good old friends for coming and wishing me a happy birthday. It was great to see all of you on my birthday and remembering all the happy times we had together. This was a very special day for me because of you all. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the generous gifts and I hope we all keep in touch. Love you lots

My birthday wouldn’t have been enjoyable without the sweet wishes I received from great friends like you.

Well, it’s that time of year again—my birthday came and went, and I am another year older. Thanks for thinking of me, and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!

I just wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes. I feel blessed to have you as my friend.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes on just another day in ecstasy. You people are so special to me. Thanks so much everyone for the astonishing birthday wishes.

This birthday, I am once again reminded of the bountiful joys that I have reaped from my friends and family, and how blessed I am to have so much love from everyone around me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are the most fabulous buddies in my life. I love you all. Keep smiling.

I was amazed to receive so much love and affection from my loved ones and family. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday a great day!

Birthday Wishes from the people who care for you is just like God blessing you with a million dollar check. With these Wishes one could live a long time.

Words cannot express how much happiness those sweet birthday messages of yours brought into my heart. May God bless you all for taking some time out of your busy lives to send me such thoughtful messages.

Thank you for not only remembering my birthday, but sending a gift as well.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday and I had felt so good because ı took so much birthday wishes message until the night of today. I send everyone a big thank you for this message. All birthday messages mean to me wonderful means. I feel so lucky because I have wonderful friends. God bless each my friend.

I want everyone to know that I’m so thankful for all the blessings I received during the time of my birthday. God has been really good to me, therefore may God bless you all and thank you.

I received so many wishes from everyone around me that I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I can’t reply the wishes individually, but do know that I have received your wishes and I can’t express my gratitude enough.

My birthday was so special thanks to you. The party would not have been the same without your help.

The best gift I received on my birthday was the love and support I received from my entire friend and loved ones! Thanks to everyone for thinking of me and for your wonderful wishes!

Thanks so much for your wishes!! You made my Birthday… All the more special. May God Bless You All.

My birthday was truly magical thanks to the beautiful messages and wishes you sent me. I appreciate every single wish that I received. May God bless you all. Thanks.

Your wishes are as unique and special as you. Thank you and love you.

Amazing greetings from my whole heart, to all amazing pals who sent me wonderful birthday messages and wishes. Today I need not feel bad but there are some my friends who made nothing. Challenge accepted! I will not make anything for their birthday.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support you have shared with me on my birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It feels great to know I’m surrounded by an amazing family and wonderful friends.

Did you know how many gifts I received this year for my birthday? 30! Birthday wishes? Over 75! I would like to thank the 30 people who wished me and gave me a gift. As for the other 45, just know that I’m waiting for that long-due gift. Just kidding!

Thank you so much for sending me love and well wishes on my birthday. It reminds me that my life is filled with friends and family who appreciate me!

This was one more birthday to remember for me, and I want to thank you for contributing to it! Thanks so much for your lovely wishes!

I’d like to thank you for making my birthday so special. I enjoyed the movie we saw and I absolutely loved the huge barrel of buttery popcorn we ate. It was our night together that made my birthday wishes come true.

I have lost count of your beautiful birthday messages. They are simply overwhelming. Thank you so much.

Here’s a note to say thank you for remembering my birthday. It means so much that you think of me on my special day, and continue to show your love and support.

Thank you so much to all who sent cards and wished me a happy birthday. It means a lot to me, it feels so good to be loved by family and friends. It’s been the best birthday ever. It’s great to be alive.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support you have shared with me on my birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It feels great to know I’m surrounded by an amazing family and wonderful friends.

I might have aged another year, but my heart is kept young and joyful because I have such great friends around me. Thank you for making my entire day and week!

It feels so good when someone does special things for you on your birthday. It really feels out of the world, I am feeling the same thing. So, I would like to thank you for making me feel extra special.

You have made my day even more special! Thank you for the wonderful wishes!

No matter how old we get, we’ll always need the support of our friends. Thank you once again, my loves, for being with me on my birthday.

Your sweet messages indeed brightened my special day and caused my heart to overflow with happiness. I cannot put into words how much those beautiful words meant to me.

I am an year older but wiser. Thanks for your sweet wishes.

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me a birthday message and let you know that I truly appreciate it. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends and family that I can share my special day with.

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Funny Thank You for Birthday Wishes

Funny Thank You for Birthday Wishes

Thanks to Facebook for reminding my friends about my birthday. And thanks to technology that I don’t have to write these messages by hand. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Now let’s forget it ever happened, so I can pretend to still be in my early 20’s this year.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes… I will toast to all of you tonight as I traditionally drink to forget I’m getting older. Cheers!

Thank you for sending me such a nice birthday message. Why can’t you be this nice to me all year around?

Thanks buddy for your birthday wishes. But it had grammatical mistakes. Even the preschoolers have a better grammar sense than you.

Thank you to everyone who posted birthday wishes on my Facebook and made me look more popular than I really am.

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! It’s not easy turning 29 for an entire decade, but I gladly accepted the challenge. Xoxo

Thank you so much for lovely birthday greetings, now you are eligible to attend my birthday party at least with one packed gift.

Thanks for the birthday wishes from everyone who noticed my name today in the upper right corner of your Facebook page

Oh! Isn’t your wish a copied one? Did you copy it from your last year’s collection? Ha! Ha! Thanks, buddy!

Thank you to all who posted birthday wishes. I’m touched. You may now resume your stalking activities. For those who haven’t posted, you will be unfriended tomorrow!

Thank you for all your birthday, wishes, texts, poems and letter, I also don’t hesitate to accept any cash, gifts, jewelry, bags, and clothes on this day.

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! I will look for you; I will find you; and I will hug you.

Thank you for that special birthday wish from the heart that Facebook instructed and reminded you to send me.

Thanks for the birthday greetings dear. I haven’t been so happy and loved. You forgot my gift. Right? I am waiting to get it by tomorrow.

I knew you cannot hide your excitement to see me getting older first, anyways thank you for your rude wishes.

Thank you for all the Facebook birthday greetings! To those who forgot, here’s your guilt message. I will expect your belated post shortly.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you! Your birthday wishes flooded my FB timeline like never before! Made me go “WOW!” Me, the Facebook King, Yeah!

Thank you for your warm wishes. It is the reason why I cooked a hot meal for you, now where is my reward?

Thank you for your wishes. It is a special day for me because I accept donations as well. I feel special and loved by all of you.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Greetings Received

Thank You Messages for Birthday Greetings Received

I know I am terrible at keeping in touch with you guys but it really does mean a lot when you send me a message for my birthday.

Birthday gifts can get broken or lost, but your priceless words will remain close to my heart for eternity. Thanks.

Some people are good with words, some are good in heart. You are good at both. Thank you, my dear, for the amazing birthday wish!

It is always so refreshing and encouraging to hear from my dear friends on my special day!

Gifts and parties may have brought a smile on my face but sweet wishes like yours have their own special place. Thank you.

Just like how food remains tasteless without salt, my birthday celebrations would have been incomplete without your wishes. Thanks for being the SALT in my life.

Thank you so much for the countless love, the incredible feelings and the wonderful wishes. You made it all count.

Awesome friends like you guys, are the only thing stopping me from feeling old on my Birthday. Thank You all.

Thank you so much for your sweet words on my birthday. I want you to know that you are one among the people who matter the most to me.

I want to thank everyone who contacted me with a fantastic birthday wish! You brought a little piece of home to me!

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, hearty thanks to all dear ones who posted wishes on my Facebook wall.

On daily basis, you guys are always mean to me. I am surprised that I had a royal treatment on my birthday! thanks for birthday wishes!

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who wished me and remembered me on my birthday!

I’m feeling overwhelmed with birthday love. Thank you all so much.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, they were… funny, cute and charming. Exactly like you guys. Love you all!

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Thanks for Celebrating My Birthday

Thanks for Celebrating My Birthday

I am extremely grateful to God for giving me wonderful friends like you. Your mere presence is the greatest gift for my birthday! Thank you for coming!

Your presence at my party gave it more fun and meant much more to me. Thanks so much.

Your presence at the party means more than a million dollars to me! Thank you so much for coming and celebrating my birthday.

Thank you for being part of my special day. It was the best birthday party ever. I will cherish those moments.

Thanks for showing up. I sincerely thought you wouldn’t be able to make it. Your presence is the best gift bit could ask for on this day.

To yet another year in my life as I bid adieu, I’m glad I celebrated with friends like you. Thanks for coming.

Celebrating my party was full of fun. It was all because I’m surrounded with my loved ones. Thanks for being part of it.

For coming to celebrate me, thanks a ton. Your presence made the party wonderful.

Thanks for coming to celebrate my birthday. Your presence in my party was like finishing off a delicious meal with a sinful desert – beautiful and memorable.

I thought it was just an ordinary day for me. But your presence added some color and sugar to my cake. It was the sweetest taste ever! Thanks!

I am lucky to have a friend like you who despite not having the time, always makes out time to celebrate with me. I am very grateful and words are not enough to express my gratitude.

By coming to my birthday party , you filled my heart with happiness and my day with awesomeness. Thanks for making the time to celebrate it with me.

Your presence is the perfect birthday wishes for my Birthday. I really enjoyed and loved your company on my birthday. Thanks for your wonderful birthday wishes too.

To everyone who took the time to celebrate me, I say a very big thanks.

Awesome friends like you who know how to party like there’s no tomorrow, is the reason why I don’t mind saying again and again that ‘The treat is on me’. Thanks guys.

Birthday Return Wishes

Birthday Return Wishes

Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. You contributed so much in making my special day extra special. Much love!

I cannot wait to help you celebrate with an amazing party like you threw me this year. Thanks a million!

Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done and all the encouragements you’ve told me. The love and support is very much appreciated!

May God bless you because your birthday wishes for me reminded me that a person who loves me still exists.

Thanks for your regards. I appreciate your love and care in the birthday wish you sent to me. May God bless you with happiness.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face on the special day of my life. Without you, my birthday might have been bluer than blue. Thank you my friend.

May the Almighty God bless you for giving me a portion of your time to celebrate with me on my birthday. Thank you so much!

Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are the most fabulous buddies in my life. I love you all. Keep smiling.

As I blew the candle in my birthday cake, I would like to express my deepest thanks to those who made my birthday a day to remember. I feel so happy and blessed to have friends like you who never forget this special day of mine. Thank you so much!

Hearing you wish me good things in life makes me wish even more that this blissful day will not come to an end. My birthday may be over but all your sweet thoughts are something which I can’t get over. Thanks a lot!

I’m deeply humbled by all the love shown to me on my birthday through the flood of messages and wishes that I received. Thank you and I hope you all receive the same love and care from people around you.

I can’t stop smiling while I am writing this message. And reason behind this special smile is your birthday wishes. Thanks a lot for wishing me and blessing me with a gift of smile.

Thank you a lot for having me in your thoughts as you go on your busy day. Thank you for the birthday greetings and wishes. God Bless You!

Thanks for the lovely surprise you all gave me, It really made me feel special, Thank you for the awesome surprise.

We may be apart, but distance didn’t hinder you to make my birthday a memorable one. Thank you for sending me your warmest greetings. I appreciate it.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gift

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gift

You made me feel so special when I opened your gift. I knew that you spent time, effort, and energy to make sure it was awesome, and it was just that. Thank you.

Thanks for adding that joyous spirit to my birthday party with your lovely presence and the amazing gift.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life, I love the gift you got me for my birthday and I can never trade it for any gold or silver. Thanks a lot.

I wish to give you so much more than just a thank you note for the beautiful gift you gave me. I absolutely love it. But as for now thank you.

Thanks a lot for taking out time for my birthday party. I love the gift you gave me. I will think of you each time I use it. Thanks a lot!

Your gift definitely surprised me. In all my years, I never thought you knew me so well. I cannot be happier with what you gave me for my birthday. Be blessed and I hope someday I can repay you.

Thanks for the gag gift you gave me on my birthday. I promise that next year, I will be the one having the last laugh. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful birthday gift. I really love it! Thanks a lot, dear. Your choice is really top-notch!

My day became absolutely fantastic when I unwrapped your lovely gift. Thank you, my friend for such a wonderful gift.

This was a extra -ordinary birthday celebration that I won’t be able to forget. Thanks for making my special day so memorable my dear! Your birthday gift is so thoughtful and sweet! I really love it!

You are so sweet and generous. I love you. Thanks for the birthday gift, I really love it.

Thank you for getting me my birthday present, it was lovely and I am sure you knew I desperately needed it. Thanks so much; you are awesome as always.

Giving a gift like that should be illegal. I’m surprised you haven’t been placed under arrest for your excessive generosity. Thank you!

I don’t know how you found out what I needed. Thanks a lot for the gift. I love you from the bottom of my heart buddy.

Your kind heart surely knows no bounds; you have given me the best gift a person could ever get on their birthday. I love you for that. I highly appreciate it.