Getting a home is an incredibly hard task to do. Therefore, people who managed to buy a new home means they have accomplished one of the greatest mission in life since it is a place where their life really is theirs; starting their own legacy. When you are invited by people celebrating this milestone, saying “congratulations on your new home” like you usually did won’t be sufficient. You should prepare a house warming card to commemorate this wonderful event, so you have a wonderful and fun way to congratulate them.

You can write anything on this card, including the “congratulations on your new home” sentence. However, it doesn’t really make a good card, so you need to be more creative in your ideas. However, creating a proper good luck message or wishes may be a bit tricky. You can always write based on what you know about them, but sometimes you don’t have the proper words to describe the wishes. Therefore, these ideas are compiled so you can have something as a base of your wishes. The wishes are perfect to accompany your gift, in an online post, or a direct letter towards the owner. But, it is even more perfect when you put it in beautifully designed housewarming cards.

Congratulations on Your New Home Messages

Congratulations on Your New Home

Fantastic news! A new home is a place for memories to be made and dreams to come true. Congratulations on your new home and all the best for the unpacking.

Congratulations! I may have not been around to help you pack and move, but I’m more than happy to come drink wine with you while you settle in.

Congratulations! Now you can walk around naked.. but please remember to close the blinds – no one wants to see that!

I hope you remember this moment in your new home forever. Because it will never be this clean or organized ever again.

When the sun sets in the west, the view from your living room will makes your house the best of the best. Congratulations.

A brand-new key, a brand-new place, a happy smile upon your face! Hoping that you’re blessed with lovely neighbors.

They say that home is a feeling, not a place. Enjoy your new home and congratulations!

Congratulations, I hope you make many new and special memories in your new home.

This is brilliant news! A new home is a place for memories to be made and great times to be had. Congratulations on your new home and all the best for the unpacking.

Even the walls of the most expensive hotel in the world, can never be as warm as those of your home. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your New Home Messages

A house is made of bricks, a Home is made of love and dreams! May your new home be a place where friends gather!

Congratulations on your new home. Sending best wishes as you settle in and make it your own.

Big hugs and wishing you the best of luck with the move. I know your new house will be just perfect.

Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you all the very best in settling in and making it your own.

After a busy day you will seek peace and solace, for which your new home will be the place. Congratulations.

Congratulations for your new home! Hope it becomes a very special place where all your dreams grow.

Congratulations on the new home! I heard it was built on top of an old burial ground, but you should be just fine.

May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.

When can I come and visit? I can’t wait to check out your new toilet.

Your new home is an investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. You made a wise and beautiful choice. Congratulations.

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Housewarming Wishes

Housewarming Wishes

Congratulations on the new home. May it bring lot more happiness in coming years. May your new abode be full of warmth, love and happiness. May God bless this home with love, peace and affection.

Every brick and piece of plywood in your new home represents the struggle and hard work it took to become a homeowner. Congratulations, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once again Congratulations on your beautiful home.

More than comforts, I wish you care.
More than pretty walls, I wish you a life fair.
More than fancy accessories, I wish you success.
More than decorative paintings, I wish you happiness.
More than luxuries, I wish with peace you dwell.
For moving into such a beautiful house, I wish you a time very swell.

Best of luck and I’m really hoping you and the neighbors get along.

New place, new adventures and new responsibilities await you as you enter your new house. God bless you and your family!

May your new castle protect you from all sorts of grief and sorrow. Relax and sleep well in your new abode. Hope it proves a great place of comfort. Congrats!

I’m happy for your family that you will be moving into a new house. I hope that all of you may well be adjusted and get yourself settled there smoothly. Good luck and best wishes on your housewarming!

Congratulations and welcome to the world of leaks, repairs and ballooning mortgage payments!

Wishing you all the very best settling in and making it your own. Congratulations on your new home!

Your first steps into your new home are your first steps into your new life. Here’s to the beginning of something beautiful. Wishing a great and amazing housewarming!

Sincere Housewarming Wishes

Congratulations on buying the new address of happiness. Take care and wish you all the best! May you all be united like the walls of the house and painted with love and affection.

Please accept my warmest wishes for your new home, Hope this New beginning bring your enormous happiness in your life.

Congratulations your new home. Remember to fill it with joy, laughter and happy memories.

Moving to a new house will definitely starts you a new life. Leave all your worries behind and embrace the new scent of success in your new house. All the blessings and happiness in your new house! Congratulations

New memories waits to enter inside, as you open the doors of your new home wide. Best wishes to you and your family in your new journey. Congratulations!

Your new home looks fabulous and fine. Enjoy time with friends and family as you dine. Congratulations!

Hey Buddy, I wish you and your family a wonderful beginning to New Life, I wish your New Home bring you enormous success ahead. Congratulations on moving to a new home!

You can finally put your feet up and have a rest! All in your new home. Best wishes.

May the roof above your head protect you from elements and the cozy walls wrap your family in warmth. Happy housewarming!

Housewarming brings peace and prosperity in the new home. May God bless you and your family with all these in bulk. Congratulations!

New House Messages

New House Messages

Congratulations!  We hope your new home provides you years of enjoyment and a peaceful retreat from the rest of the busy world.

A home is not just a place to live. A home is something which holds all your memories and feeling within it. Those beautiful memories are embedded in the walls of your house. It is special. Congratulations for your new house and may you share happiest moments with this house.

We’re really excited that you’re finally in! May your new address give you lots of happiness, peace and enjoyment.

Now that your house hunting is over, you can relax. As long as keeping up a house and yard work is your idea of relaxation, you’ll be very relaxed.

This house is just a pile of bricks, cement and wood. What really makes this house a home is a family and you have a perfect family. Congratulations for such a wonderful house. May this house brings you a lot of happiness.

Howdy neighbor!! Looking forward to getting to know you a whole lot better. If you need anything just drop me a line. All the best settling in.

I know people say that a house is just a house and the people in the house make it a home, but you guys have a beautiful home and a beautiful house. Congratulations!

I pray that this new home will bring you and your family a lots of happiness and joy and they may never face any despair. Congratulations for achieving you first milestone in the road of your success.

We’re really happy that you’ve finally moved into your new home. Wishing you lots of peace and enjoyment at your new address.

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Funny New Home Quotes

Funny New Home Quotes

Congratulations on your new home! Hope your new neighbor isn’t a prick!

Thanks for moving far enough away I don’t have to feel guilty about not visiting.

Your new home may have used up all your life savings, you might be in debt up to your eyeballs and never be able to go out again, but here’s a card – well done.

Good luck convincing your neighbors you’re normal!

Congratulations to you for moving, and congratulations to me for not having to help you move!

I need some more wine. You should move again and have another housewarming party.

NO, I won’t help with the unpacking and YES I would like to come over for free food and drink.

Congratulations on your new home. I’m so happy for you, blah, blah, blah. What’s your WiFi password?

Funny New Home Congratulation Quotes

Hope your new home is lovely, because you’ll never be able to afford to go out again.

Congrats on your new home. May you get all of your security deposit back when you leave.

Home is where your wife rules, a new home is… still where your wife rules!

Did you know? When a mouse moves into a new home. The other mice come around for tea in front of the fire. They call it a mousewarming.

Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the new experiences that you will have as a homeowner. By experiences, I mean problems you have to pay for.

Congrats on moving into something other than a treatment facility.

I can’t wait to overstay my welcome! Congrats on the move.

New Home Congratulations

New Home Congratulations

Your new home should be called Dream Land because it is really the stuff dreams are made of. Congratulations.

So you have stopped paying rent? Congrats! There is no place like home!

Congratulations on getting your new house. Wishing it becomes a place of many lovely and happy moments.

The walls of a new home will always remain cold, until it is occupied by young and old. With a beautiful family and a lovely home, you have simply struck gold. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the new place! May you be welcomed with gladness and elation as you settle in and make the space your own.

Here’s wishing you lots of happiness and joy in your new home. Congratulations! May those who visit your home feel the love residing there.

A home is only as good as the people who live in it and going by that, your home is the BEST. Congratulations.

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can built a home. Wishing you heavenly time in your new place.

Congratulations for your new home! Hope it becomes a very special place where all your dreams grow.

Good Luck on Your New Home Wishes

Good Luck on Your New Home

May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity, and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.

Your first new home is special, It’s exciting and all brand new. May you find good luck and prosperity move in along with you. May you build some happy memories within these four brick walls. And may happiness and contentment never forget to call.

We hope you love your new home. Good luck and our best wishes. We will miss you, but do stay in touch. With love and many kisses.

May happiness knock early at your door, stay late, and leave the gift of good fortune. Wishing you all the best in your new home.

It’s all so very exciting, It’s all so very new. As you move into your perfect home, May good luck move in with you too.

I can’t wait for all the memories you’ll make in this new home of yours. Congratulations and best of luck!

We’re really proud of you for getting that home that you have been dreaming of getting.  We hope you enjoy the new house. Congratulations!

Enjoy making your new house into a home just for you. Not forgetting to move Good Luck in with you too!

You’ll always remember this day and so will all of us who were here cheering you on. Congratulations and best of luck to you always!

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Great Quotes about Home

Quotes about Home

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.
– Unknown

Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.
– Pierce Brown

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing.
– Irina Shayk

Bless our house as we come and go.
Bless our home as the children grow.
Bless our families as they gather in.
Bless our home with love and friends.

Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.
– Billy Graham

Create a good habit of staying home for family nights, focus on simple entertainment for children.
– Ronald Valentino

In this home… We do second chances. We do real. We do mistakes. We do I’m sorrys. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do together best of all.
– Unknown

If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.
– Malala Yousafzai

Yes, your home is your castle, but it is also your identity and your possibility to be open to others.
– David Soul

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.
– Unknown

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
– Jane Austen

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.
– Mother Teresa

Other Congratulations Messages for New House

Congratulations Messages for New House

Home is where you find support and love always. May your new home is bestowed with God’s grace and blessed with immense joy.

A place where memories are made, where laughter is heard, and where love abounds – that is your home. My heartfelt congratulations for this perfect home for you.

I congratulate you on your new house from the bottom of my heart. It will be a journey from now to maintain your home. I know that you will ace it and I hope that all dreams of you get fulfilled in those lovable walls.

Good job on finally finding a home to call your own. Remember, guys, even though you don’t pay rent anymore, you still have to pay for damages, so take it easy!

Your new house is a tree from which memories of your life will form permanent branches, leading to where life will take you. It will also be a permanent reminder of your roots and where you came from. Congratulations.

Having a peaceful place to settle in is one of the greatest rewards in life. Your new house is truly made to give you that reward you have longed for. Congratulations!

We are fortunate to have a place that we call our home. It gives us a spot where we can cry, laugh and create new memories. I wish you the very best for getting the new house and for all the years that are awaiting you.

Many congratulations to you, my dear friend, for taking your first step towards success. Being a homeowner is a great thing, and I trust that you will handle all your responsibilities well while making many wonderful memories in your new home.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the worst part of owning such a beautiful home like yours is that you will never feel like leaving it. Congratulations, future homebody.

Home is where the heart is. Congratulations for finding a new home where you can now feel safe and live peacefully. Enjoy!

Congratulations! I hope that every morning spent at your new house brings you all the joy and happiness that you have craved until now.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the boxing and unboxing, but I’m glad to see that you’re already settled in. I have a feeling this place will be just right for you.