Birthday messages for daughter are essential for all parents to know. Wishing happy birthday to your own daughter is not the same as wishing happy birthday to random people. A daughter is someone special. She is your flesh and blood who you have raised since she was a baby. Celebrating her birthday and watching her turning a year older is going to be a tear-jerking moment. That is why all parents need to come prepared. Some of the biggest celebrations on the birthday fiesta are the well-wishing moment. If you have no idea what birthday wishes to say to your birthday girl, it will be an extremely awkward moment.

Therefore, you need to make sure you know what to say and what to wish to your birthday girl. Do not worry about it because all these messages down below are in the exact thing that you need. They are perfect to wish happy birthday to your daughter. She will surely feel happy and excited when her parent sends the birthday wishes. Besides birthday messages for daughter, make sure you find as many presents and special moments for her. After all, it is her special day and you won’t ruin it.

Sweet Birthday Messages for Daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

We wish you a birthday that is as beautiful, incredible, and unique as you are. Happy birthday daughter!

You are the kind of person who radiates kindness and warmth. You light up the world around you, and you continually dazzle me with your love. May your birthday sparkle just as much as you do.

The sun isn’t as bright as your smile or eyes. You bring me so much joy, so much life, and I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy birthday, love.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday dear daughter, and that the year ahead is full of many blessings.

Happy Birthday. To our little girl, who is not so little anymore! We have watched you grow into a young woman and we are both so proud of who you have become and what you have accomplished in life. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter. We love you so much!

Have a happy birthday, my little princess. I love you more than a greedy cat loves food. And that means a lot!

When you came to this world I fell in love. You are always loved sweetheart. Happy birthday my daughter!

I am nothing short of delighted to have such a funny, sweet, and caring daughter. You enrich my life in too many ways to count, and I hope your birthday is just as special as you are.

To see your daughter grow up to be the most perfect person ever, is the biggest accomplishment a parent could ask for! I am beyond proud of you and wish you every luck in this world! Happy birthday!

To an amazing daughter who has touched our lives in so many ways – you deserve all the joy, love and happiness that the world has to offer on your birthday.

Sweet Birthday Messages for Daughter

To My Loving Daughter! With each birthday that passes, you amaze me more and more. You have turned out to be such an intelligent, fun, and caring person who has so much going for them in life. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. Have a wonderful birthday!

I’m proud of you because you never give up on your dreams, and that takes an extraordinary amount of determination and perseverance. Happy Birthday, daughter!

I’ll always be here to protect and guide you. You can count on me. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Happy birthday to my beloved daughter who deserves only the very best on her special day. I promise you that I will devote the rest of my life to providing you with unlimited love and affection.

My lovely daughter, you have grown up to be a fine young woman! Spread your magical energy everywhere and may your days be filled with love! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, sweetie! One thing you can look forward to as you get older is growing up to be as awesome as your parents!

Happy Birthday. For my fun-loving and happy-go-lucky daughter, here’s wishing you a day of non-stop celebrating as you turn another year older sweeter!

You give me a thousand more reasons to smile every blessed day. Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter! May your life always be filled with happiness!

When you’re hurt, I’m hurt. When you’re happy, I’m happy. When you’re broke, go find a job. Happy birthday princess!

You are such a positive, charming, and absolutely adorable daughter. I am so proud that I get to call you my daughter because no other person could ever hope to compare to you. Happy birthday to my perfect little girl!

Heartfelt Birthday Messages for Daughter

I wouldn’t give you up for the world. You’re my lovely, stunning daughter, and there’s no one on this planet quite like you.

As you grow up, make sure you have more dreams than memories, more opportunities than chances, more hard work than luck, and more friends than acquaintances. May you have the very best in life. Happy Birthday, our dear daughter!

For My Wonderful Daughter, Happy Birthday. Enjoy all the beauty this day brings and surround yourself with all your favorite things.

Happy Birthday to you our beloved daughter! You are the most precious thing in our lives. May your life always be filled with love and happiness.

We enjoy being your parents, so hurry up and get married and so we can enjoy being grandparents too.

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Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

My adorable daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are the most cherished and beautiful girl for me. Have a wonderful day dear. May all your birthday be celebrated with much love! Mom loves you a lot.

Daughter, watching you grow up has been many things, joyful, impactful, and even stressful. Above all though, it has been the most meaningful part of my life. Happy birthday!

You will always be my baby, my little girl, my princess and my daughter. No matter how they see you or whatever they might say. You will always be the most beautiful girl in Mom’s eyes. Happy Birthday little one!

Today is the birthday of a very special person of my life. My baby doll, happy birthday! Have an adventurous and enjoyable life. May God turn you into a respected person! My blessings are always with you.

You are a lot like a diamond: brilliant, amazing, and flawless. You differ in that you are worth far more than any stone. You are such a treasure, not only to me but to our whole family. Happy birthday to our precious gem of a daughter!

God knows everything I did was for you. On this day of your birthday, I want you to know that you mean more than the world to me. I love you.

It’s the happiest thing for every mother to see the healthy growth of her child. And the pleasure become unbounded when this child makes you feel proud of their success. I’m so thankful to have a daughter like you. I wish you a very happy birthday, my child!

You renew my faith in the world because any world that has as incredible a person as you in it is one that can only be good. You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope you feel surrounded by love and warmth on your birthday.

Since you were born, my life started to change. From being a single person to becoming a loving Mom. Thank you for all the lesson you taught me in all these years. Wonderful Birthday my daughter!

I am so proud and amazed of the woman you have become. Happy birthday my lovely daughter!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

You are such a beautiful young woman who is only growing and growing. You have shown how smart you are and how brave you can be. Happy Birthday my daughter.

Today is the birthday of the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl in the world. My daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart!

You’re more light to my already lightened world. You’re the smile on my face. You’re the power behind my back. You’re my daughter and my life. Happy Birthday to you. Dad cares a lot.

I get to show you something truly important, a role model. It is my duty for you to see the best of man and I won’t fail you. Happy Birthday my daughter.

It’s not easy being a father. It takes hard work and time, but you made the job a lot easier. You were always doing your homework, finishing your chores, but most importantly, showing me love. I’m so thankful. Happy birthday!

Keep smiling because the world has a special gift to give you. Keep smiling because you’re a special gift to the world. Happy Birthday my Lil damsel daughter. Dad can’t do a day without you.

This card is not just about your birthday; this card describes how deep I feel love to my genius daughter who filled our life with happiness when she comes to life. Happy Birthday cutie.

I never thought I’d experience such happiness, but then you were born and I was proven wrong. You bring us so much joy and fun, and I can’t thank you enough for making us so happy. Happy birthday!

Your smiles have been rejuvenating. You have been a great support. So shall others make you happy too. Smiles shall never depart from your face. Happy Birthday.

Roses are red, violets are blue; I am one proud happy papa, to have a daughter like you! Happy Birthday!

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Funny Birthday Messages for Daughter

Funny Birthday Messages for Daughter

My advice for you on your Big Day is to always remember that boys are as dangerous as street dogs. Do not to play with them or else you stand the risk of getting rabies. Happy birthday.

How many nursery rhymes do you know? How many recipes have you learnt? How many hearts have you broken? For as we wish you happy birthday, it is good to keep in view the milestones you have reached so far.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Seeing what a remarkable woman you have become almost makes me forget about those horrible teen years.

You might have become older today, but don’t worry. Regardless of how old you become and how many children you have, in my heart, you’ll always be my little girl. And since candies are the perfect birthday gifts for little girls, I have come with a sack of them. Happy birthday.

We do not know if you still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa but as you celebrate another year, we hope you do not lose the innocence that makes you an angel.

Happy Birthday to a girl who’s so beautiful, smart, and talented that even I have a hard time believing she’s my biological offspring.

If you loved your books even half as much as you love Disney’s Frozen, I’d be the happiest father on earth. Happy birthday, dear.

We thought you were an aspiring footballer judging from your kicks in my tummy, then we thought you would be a sleep or food marathon champion. Your birthday makes us realize you hold so much potential than we can imagine.

Happy Birthday to our daughter, who has somehow avoided being spoiled rotten despite our best efforts.

Happy Birthday My Daughter Quotes

Happy Birthday My Daughter Quotes

Roses are red and candy is sweet, but having you as a daughter is a feeling that cannot be beat!

May you forever sparkle and shine like the star that you are. Happy birthday my princess!

Dear daughter, you have made everything about life sweeter than any sweets in the world. Wonderful bday our little angel!

When I wished for a daughter, I couldn’t have imagined someone as compassionate, kind, and driven as you. I hope your birthday is as special as you are.

Daughter, Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with happiness and love. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day, as ours was the day you were born.

May your day be as bright as your smile and as lovely as you. Happy birthday my daughter!

Best birthday to our dearest daughter! We wish you happiness and may you be blessed with all the great things that you truly deserve!

Screaming, yelling, and hollering happy birthday to my little doll. I love you so much. You have brought me so much joy over the years. You have taught me so much about life, about myself, and about being patient. You have taught me how to love. You deserve the best, and I promise to do everything in my power to give you just that!

On this very special occasion of yours, I truly wish you that you have an amazing day, filled with joy, laughter, presents and love. Because this is what exemplary daughter like you deserve. Happy Birthday!

When you came to this world I fell in love. You are always loved sweetheart. Happy birthday my daughter!

To our beloved daughter, today we are celebrating the best gift that we have ever received and that is your birth. Thank you for being a blessing into our life. Wonderful Birthday!

It’s amazing how time flies. You are my daughter and my best friend too. It is a pleasure to be your mom. You have become an amazing person. I love you more than words can express. I hope you get spoiled and get to eat lots of birthday cake.

Happy Birthday My Little Princess

Happy Birthday My Little Princess

Anyone who believes fairy tales don’t come true never had a princess as wonderful as you in their life. Happy birthday my little princess!

Happy Birthday, princess! You’ve brought so much love into our lives. I hope it call comes back to you when you grow up and have your own family.

You are indeed a joy to behold, and every father will treasure having a beautiful daughter like you. Hearty Big Day, my little princess!

No matter how dreary life may get, when I look at you, dear daughter, I you I know there is hope. Have a festive day, princess.

Happy Birthday, little princess. I wish you a life full of happiness and meaning. Stay sweet.

I am proud to call you my little princess because you are magnificent and nothing compares to the brightness that you bring into my world. Enjoy your special moment with joy and peace in your heart!

Happy birthday, my beloved princess! May you one day grow up to preside over a glorious kingdom with many adoring subjects!

Happy Birthday to our little princess! She’s going to grow up to be an amazing person… as long as her grandparents don’t spoil her rotten first.

To our admirable little princess, we are wishing a fantastic celebration and a new age that has endless happiness and joy flowing in it.

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Birthday Messages for Daughter-In-Law

Birthday Messages for Daughter-In-Law

Happy Birthday to the kindest and loveliest daughter-in-law!

We are lucky to have you as a daughter-in-law. And our son is lucky to have you as a wife. A wonderful woman like you comes once in a lifetime, and we are happy we hit the Jackpot.

Happy Birthday. To my exceptional daughter-in-law! It’s your big day. Dream big, reach for the stars, and know that anything is possible for the coming year!

Happy Birthday, daughter-in-law! Actually, can we just drop the “in-law” part? You’re like a daughter to me.

You might be just my daughter-in-law, but you are one of my favorite persons. Thank you for everything you did for my son. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Thank you so much for the unconditional love you give my son, and for being such an amazing daughter-in-law. You really bring a lot to this family and we love you very much. Have a terrific birthday and a great year. Enjoy your day!

God brought you into the world on this day, and fate brought you into our family. Happy Birthday to a daughter-in-law who truly makes our world complete.

You are special because you know how to give everything to our family and make everyone feel blessed. We couldn’t wished for a better daughter-in-law, and today we want to wish you happy birthday and may your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday. To my special daughter-in-law, a woman that brightens our days with her caring ways, adds laughter and fun to our family gatherings, and means so much to me. You are a joy and a blessing. Have a great birthday!

What did we ever do to deserve a sweet daughter-in-law like you? Hope your birthday is as special as you are.

18th Birthday Messages for Daughter

18th Birthday Messages for Daughter

I regret to inform you, but your childhood has expired. Happy 18th Birthday, daughter!

Happy 18th birthday, sunshine! From the beginning, we knew you were destined for greatness, and you’ve far exceeded our expectations.

My daughter, you have a heart of precious gold, one that’s pure and true. You show your love and caring in everything you do. Just like your loving heart of gold, your spirit always shines, bringing joy to those you love. I’m so proud to call you mine.

At 18, opportunities are only beginning to knock. You’ve set yourself up for whirlwind success. The world’s your oyster, and I know you’re ready to take it on.

With your passion and determination, you’re capable of doing anything you want to do. Have a blast on your 18th birthday!

To my loving daughter, with each birthday that passes, you amaze me more and more. You have turned out to be such an intelligent, fun, and caring person who has so much going for them in life. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. Have a wonderful 18th birthday!

Now that you’re 18, you can get into some really crazy shenanigans—like opening a bank account. When are we going?

Life can really, really suck but it’s beautiful most of the time. Trudge through the bad stuff, and relish in the good. Know that I’m always proud of you. Happy 18th birthday daughter!

Happy birthday to the little girl who stole my heart 18 years ago and has kept it all these years. Don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.

21st Birthday Messages for Daughter

21st Birthday Messages for Daughter

We were going to write you a really nice poem for your twenty-first, but we couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with “21”. Happy Birthday, daughter!

For 21 years I’ve watched you grow, change, and mature. I have lived in awe of your ever-burning spirit and your unbridled passion for every second of those years. May your birthday shine as bright as you.

Happy 21st Birthday! Since the day you were born you brought a lot of happiness in our life & we pray that you will continue to make us proud of you in future years to. God bless you precious daughter.

You have accomplished so much in your life already, and you’ve only just turned 21! You’ve got so much of your life ahead of you, and I know you’re going to achieve astounding things.

Happy 21st birthday! Diamonds shine but daughter like you glow. Here’s a loving birthday wish for the daughter who lights up our lives day after day.

May God replenish your life with blessings, and no matter what happens, happiness never leaves your path! Today is a special day and it’s your 21st birthday beloved daughter, and I want to wish you all the best for your life.

You may be growing older, but you’re still a child at heart. Your passion and exuberance haven’t been doused by age. Burn bright, my star.

Hoping your 21st birthday is a really happy one, the kind that you’ll remember long after it has gone, because you are so special and you’re thought of with such pride. Wherever life may lead you, you’ll take it in your stride.

Congratulations my daughter, you’ve passed the twenty and entered to a wonderful age. Every parent dream of a child like you and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks to the Almighty that you’ve grown up well. Have a happy, healthy and blessed life!

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