Heartfelt Quotes and Messages to Share with Your Loved Ones


Not every body is gifted with the ability to express what they really feel in their heart through words. I mean, we can apologize and say sorry when we feel guilty. We can simply thank anyone who does us some favor or give us something out of kindness, too. But, sometimes “I’m sorry” and “thank you” are just too short a response. We feel that those phrases don’t really represent what we want to say. We want to make sure that that person knows his / her act is appreciated. We want to convince that we truly regret what we did, and we did it because of our ignorance. This is why I make this website. I compile a lot of sayings and messages that people can use when they don’t know what to say in certain occasions.

Not only that, I also put together a number of quotes by some renown figures that you can use to inspire yourself or people who are important to you. In some posts, I group the quotes by the people who originally mention them. And in some other posts, I list them based on the topic, such as friendship quotes, sunset quotes, Fourth of July Quotes, etc. All in all, HeartyQuote.com is a website where you can browse through thousands of messages and quotes of various topic that you can use whenever you’re lost for words. If you have any questions or suggestions on how I can improve this website, feel free to drop an email through this contact form.